Seeding the Alexander Technique in your daily activities

Designed to get you a bit of experience with the Alexander Technique. This short course may not fix your issues like back pain or knee pain but you'll see how learning the technique can benefit your health and other situations. 

Total of 3 lessons (within 1 month) to complete the Trial course. 



Baby leaves of Alexander Technique in your daily life

Designed to get you further into the Alexander Technique. With this mid-length course you realize some big changes in your daily activities. Walking, Sitting, Running, picking something up, you will start using your body differently. 

Total of 5 lessons (within 2 month) to complete the Awake course. 



Seeing stem of Alexander Technique every moment

Designed to get you deep into the Alexander Technique.
You realize your whole body starts to "activate". You get tools which you can use at any occasion(daily activities, work place, hobbies)

Total of 10 lessons (within 3 month) to complete the Activate course. 

Once you are done with our courses above, here's more!


Advanced sessions (required: at least 10 our lessons completed within 6 months)