karad[a]ctive is a made up word with KARADA and ACTIVE. KARADA means body in Japanese and ACTIVE as the word you know. That's because our mission is to re-activate your/our body!!

As we grow, our body develop various habits and unfortunately  those are mostly bad ones. It is important to realize what's happening to your inactive body parts so can address those issues. 

You can touch the surface of what AT is about with workshops, and develop further with 1on1 lessons where teachers help you realize bad habits and send direction to activate your KARADA. 

Akiko Tsuchiya

AmSAT(American Society for the Alexander Technique) certified trainer, Akiko Tsuchiya, graduated Berklee College of Music as a Vocalist and started training at the Alexader Technique Training Center in Newton, MA under Ruth Kilroy and Rivka Cohen. Since becoming a certified trainer in 2008, she has been hosting workshops and private instructions to students, children and adults, with a variety of backgrounds: musicians, athletes, doctors, office workers, homemakers as well as pregnant women. The focus and intention of Akiko's work is to reduce chronic pain, muscle tension, ongoing daily stress and to activate proper whole body engagement.